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Eye Treatments is one of the most expensive and important medical sciences in technology. You can have a very experienced and good eye surgeon and can operate on you. But do not forget that no matter how experienced or good your eye surgeon is, an eye surgeon who does not use the latest technology can only treat your eye as long as the technology he uses allows.

The needs of each of our patients determine the way we use our Laser Eye Surgery technology. No two eyes are exactly the same, so our first task is to make sure we understand the tiniest details of your eyes. An important part of this process is using the best possible technology at our disposal. We would like to state that we have a very good technological infrastructure to provide you with world-class Laser Eye surgery. In addition, we create individual eye treatment plans that are precisely tailored to each of your eyes, based on years of experience, detailed research and our extensive screening process.

In eye treatments, an eye surgeon should use the latest technology test and imaging devices to make an accurate diagnosis and decide on the most appropriate treatment. State-of-the-art test and imaging devices of the world’s leading device manufacturers are used in Smart Laser Eye Centers:

2022 model Robotic Excimer Laser technology in Smart Laser Eye Centers

In Smart Laser Eye Centers, 2022 model 4th generation Excimer Laser technologies at (1200 Hz) are used. 2022 model Excelsius M7-H series Excimer Laser is used in the world's first portable remote control controllable Robotic developed by Excelsius Medical GMBH and associated with MCD Technology.


Excelsius – FemtoSecond Femton F1 Lazer

Excelsius Femtosecond Femton F1 Laser, which has a technological superiority among the 4th generation FemtoSecond Lasers, is open to many applications. In its basic configuration, it is a Femtosecond Laser with Robotic technology, with a speed of 500 Hz, that can perform Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism and Presbyopia LASIK eye surgeries with the "All Femto LASIK" function with the "Lenticule Extraction" technique.

Smart Laser Eye Center Gold Standard in anterior eye segment tomography

The first choice of eye surgeons, Pentacam, non-contact anterior segment measurements provide a successful treatment with precise and reliable diagnosis in laser eye surgery.

Smart Laser Eye Center Gold Standard in Eye Imaging

Precise and reliable diagnosis with Righton LED Bio-Microscope with advanced Japanese technology, the first choice of Eye Surgeons.