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Excimer Laser Eye Treatments

It is generally applied to patients over the age of 18 and whose eye structure is suitable. In Smart Laser Eye Centers, Far, Near and Astigmatism defects are corrected with Robotic Excimer Laser Technology. LASIK, iLASIK, LASEK, PRK, T-PRK (NoTouch), Presbyopia LASIK Smart Laser, surgical techniques are applied.

Cataract Eye

With Phaco surgery, Monofocal, Multifocal and Trifocal lens replacement are performed for our patients with cataract problems. Especially, Phakic (ICL) Lens surgeries are performed for our high-prescription patients between the ages of 21 and 45. You can have your lens surgeries at Smart Laser Eye Centers.

Keratoconus Cross-Linking

After all, Cross-Linking surgery, called Corneal collagen cross-linking, can help stop the progression of keratoconus eye disease. Also, It may prevent the need for a possible future corneal transplant. You can have your keratoconus treatment and Cross-Linking surgery at Smart Laser Eye Centers.

Cornea Transplant (Keratoplasty)

Especially, Keratoplasty is a surgical procedure to partially or completely replace your damaged cornea with a suitable corneal tissue. Therefore, if your cornea, which forms the outer layer of your eye, is damaged or loses its function for any reason, you can have your Keratoplasty cornea transplant at Smart Laser Eye Centers.

Blepharoplasty Eyelid Aesthetics

Particularly, Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic and Aesthetics surgery applied to correct deformed upper and lower eyelids. As a result, Blepharoplasty surgery gives your eyelids a healthier and younger appearance. Especially, Entropion, Ectropion and Ptosis Eyelid deformities are corrected by Blepharoplasty.

If you have reading vision problems, Presbyopia "Smart Laser" Eye Treatment might be the solution for you.

Everyone's reading vision quality worsens as they get older after 40 or 45. Therefore, Presbyopia Smart Laser treatment can be applied to our patients with reading vision problems. You can get detailed information by contacting Smart Laser Eye Centers.

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Do you need Lens Replacement-Cataract Surgery or Phakic ICL Lens Surgery? You are in safe hands!

If you are a cataract patient, cataract surgery is inevitable. The most important thing is to take the time to make your decision and research your options thoroughly. We are here for you with our experienced and expert surgeons.

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Transparent Pricing is very important in Eye Treatments.

We present our prices in eye surgeries openly and transparently to our patients. No extras, no hidden costs. Definitely avoid low-cost Laser Eye Surgery. it’s never worth gambling with your vision. We ensure safe and effective Eye Surgery through exceptional surgeons, rigorous screening, the most advanced technology, and comprehensive follow-up care. None of that comes cheap, and we don’t pretend it does. Instead, we make our prices simple, fair and affordable.

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The Gold Standard in Retractive Excimer Laser Technology

2022 model Excelsius M7-H (1200 Hz) Online-Robotic Excimer Laser technologies are used in Nisantasi Hospital Eye Center. Laser eye surgeries are performed in all Smart Laser Eye Centers with methods such as LASIK, iLASIK, LASEK, PRK, TransEpithelial-PRK (NO TOUCH), WAVEFRONT (Topo-Guided) and SMILE (Incision Lenticule Extraction).

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Smart Laser Eye Center Standards

All Smart Laser Eye Centers located at 5 star general paractice hospitals. We are providing the same clinical standards for all our hospitals. We offer high standards of eye treatments to all our patients. We do not compromise on treatment quality and sterilization. We set up all of our hospitals in places that are easily accessible by our international patients.


Sensitive Profile Patient Program

First of all, the Precision Profile Patient Program is applied to eligible patients with high refractive error. In addition, intraocular Phakic ICL Lens and Trifocal, Multifocal lens treatment programs are applied in our hospital for our patients with high numbers or Keratoconus who are not suitable for laser eye surgery.

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Laser Eye Treatments for Nearsighted, Farsighted and Astigmatism Patients

The cornea of myopic and hypermetropic patients who cannot see far is either more curved or flatter than it should be. Therefore, it creates a blurred image. Apart from this, astigmatism is another cause that affects the cylindrical shape of your eye. After all, with Laser Eye Surgery, your nearsightedness, hyperopia and astigmatism can be corrected.

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Strabismus - Crossed Eye Surgery

Especially Strabismus, or Crossed Eye with its general name, is the cause of involuntary shifting of the eye. Therefore, strabismus is a condition in which the eyes are in the wrong position and look towards different points, and it is hereditary. As a result, strabismus surgery can be performed to correct crossed eye problem.

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Glaucoma Eye Surgery

In order to diagnose glaucoma early, you should have your eye pressure measured by having regular eye examinations. As a result, Glaucoma can be treated or prevented with drug therapy or Trabeculectomy-tube placement surgeries.

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