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With the technology developed by MCD Technology Engineers as a result of three years of R&D studies, Excimer Laser Surgery can be performed online for the first time in the world. With this technology, Eye Surgeons who want to learn laser Eye Surgery all around the world will be able to attend Laser Eye Surgery Online and receive Laser Eye Surgery training. The first remotely manageable portable Robotic Excimer Laser produced by Excelsius Medical was brought to Turkey by MCD Technology for the first time as of March 2022 and started to be used in its centers. For more technical information please click the link

Online Remote Control Technology and Robotic Surgery System

Excelsius M7 H series Excimer Laser can be controlled online remotely. With this technology, Eye Surgeons and Engineers can connect to Laser Eye Surgery online in realtime and can control the surgery by participating in the operation. Preoperative calibration and settings of Excelsius M7 H series Excimer Laser Device can be monitored remotely by authorized engineers in realtime online and all technical parameters are approved before the surgery. With this technology, the preoperative adjustments and calibrations, which are very important, and the entire operation are recorded and the operation is performed with the “0” zero error principle. For more technical information please click the link

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